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Wet wipes have become a staple in many homes with small children, but also for many families who use them for other things, such as a substitute for

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The number of people with hormonal problems or disorders is increasing in recent decades. Endometriosis, low fertility, obesity... For this reason,

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20 years ago, when we went to the supermarket, most of us never thought to read the ingredients of the food we bought. We assumed that if they were

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What are GU tampons made of?

The publication of the composition of tampons by two feminine hygiene international brands has caused media frenzy, plus some alarm in many women who

The danger of chemical contaminants during pregnancy and childhood

Constant exposure to toxic chemicals in food, water and air is linked to millions of deaths and represent a cost of billions of dollars each year,

How do you keep children warm at night?

Uncertain temperatures always accompany the arrival of autumn. It does neither hot nor cold, so how we dress the children? Long sleeve or short