How do you keep children warm at night?

Uncertain temperatures always accompany the arrival of autumn. It does neither hot nor cold, so how we dress the children? Long sleeve or short sleeve with a jacket? Do I put sandals away until next year?

And this problem also moves to bedtime. Is not cold enough to turn the heat, but late at night, it gets cooler, especially when our children sleep soundly with his back left exposed. If you put the duvet, they complain, but the sheet does not seem enough... And they have already begun with snots and coughing!

When facing this avalanche of doubts, it is best to maintain a proper temperature overnight in the room. This way we will promote the welfare and health of our children. Whatever the season, it is important to note that the environment should not be dry but a bit wet. You can easily solve this with an air humidifier. The best practice is that humidity remains about 50% to avoid congestion. Ideally, you should turn it on a few hours before putting them to bed, so we facilitate breathing. And we always must ensure that the room keeps a temperature of 18-20 ºC.

In the case of new-born babies, it is important this temperature remains constant because they do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature. And be careful when wrapping them up warm! If we overdo it, they may feel too much heat and sweat. Then they get uncovered because of the heat and expose themselves to the cold of night with wet pyjamas. And this is the first step to a common cold.