The best gift for a pregnant

Are any of your friends pregnant? Perhaps a co-worker? Have some relatives announced that they will be parents?

If the mother is inexperienced (and although it is not), she is surely living one of the most magical moments of her life. What is the best gift for a pregnant woman? If you want to participate of her happiness with a gift, we suggest escaping from the typical packs for the future baby. The pregnant woman is the real star right now, and she needs attention and care.

A healthy and non-toxic gift for pregnant

The best gift for an expectant mum is something that helps her having a healthy maternity, something that looks after her and the baby growing in her belly. It is well known how many cosmetic products can affect the health of the mother, and even the baby, because of the toxic ingredients they contain: creams, shampoos, gels, synthetic clothing, chemically treated tampons and pads... It all adds up; that's why the best gift you can make a pregnant woman is toxic-free products.



Cotton pads and panty liners made of 100% organic cotton

Look at the pack that we offer; on the one hand, there are pads and panty liners made with 100% organic and hypoallergenic cotton: they reduce and help prevent the risk of irritation, itching, infections and allergies, and are clinically tested. They also contain 100% biodegradable waterproof sheets: they do not contain plastics proceeding from petroleum, and therefore they are one of the most environmentally friendly products in the market.

Daily hygiene without toxic

Moreover, the pack contains gels and soaps made of natural ingredients proceeding from organic farming. This way, they care for the mother naturally and also are less polluting for the environment. They are also dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, alkaline soaps, alcohol, colorants, SLES or PEG.

And, if you want, your friend will receive the pack gift wrapped in a GU bag. The best idea to celebrate a pregnancy!


In this pack you will find (Click here if you want to see the pack):

  • 2 boxes of maternity pads, 100% organic cotton
  • 2 boxes of breastfeeding pads, 100% organic cotton
  • 1 box of Ultralight Day pads with wings, 100% organic cotton
  • 1 box of Classic Pantyliners, 100% organic cotton
  • 1 box of Ultrathin pantyliners, 100% organic cotton
  • 1 Organic intimate gel. With Cranberries and Calendula
  • 1 Eco shower gel. With Aloe Vera and Organic Olive Oil
  • 1 Marseille ecological hand soap. With Tea Tree Oil