Meet our bloggers

In GU-Green Umbrella we are convinced that the trend 'Smart eco' trend is growing further. That means that consumers, increasingly, are fully aware of their purchasing, are demanding on brands, and claim to be fully informed.

In the GU PLANET BLOG we want to help all these 'smart eco' consumers get all the first-hand information to make judicious decisions about their health.

Meet Silvia and Anna, our 'smart-eco' bloggers!


Sílvia is a journalist, blogger and mother of Júlia, her four-year-treasure daughter. She has worked in Communication for companies in the child care market and is passionate about cooking and telling stories all the time. Do not miss her advice about motherhood, nutrition and family health!
Silvia blogger Gu Planet


Blogger Anna del Blog GU
Anna, is a digital marketing and communication expert, tireless traveller, and addicted to Swedish crime fiction novels. She never buys anything without reading, and understanding, the ingredients. She is our most critical and demanding 'smart eco' consumer!