Personal Hygiene

Can cosmetics alter the hormonal system?

The number of people with hormonal problems or disorders is increasing in recent decades. Endometriosis, low fertility, obesity... For this reason, research is focused on finding the endocrine disruptors that can be causing this problem.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals capable of altering the hormonal system. This definition is enough for us to run away from them, and want them exterminated from the universe. And yet they are fully present in our daily lives.

How to read labels on cosmetics

20 years ago, when we went to the supermarket, most of us never thought to read the ingredients of the food we bought. We assumed that if they were there was because they had passed a thousand controls, and they were safe and healthy. Over time, we have learned that not everything that is within our reach is healthy.

What are GU tampons made of?

The publication of the composition of tampons by two feminine hygiene international brands has caused media frenzy, plus some alarm in many women who hitherto had not considered what these products are made of.

From GU, we want to transmit tranquillity and transparency to our consumers. As you can see, all our packs specify from the first day all the ingredients that make the tampon.

The great deception about tampons and pads

Thanks to sex education taught in most schools, girls reach puberty with some knowledge about menstruation. There comes a day when you start to bleed and... Ta-da! You are now a woman! At school, we have been explained the why and the how, the causes and consequences of menstruation. You complement with your friends this information and this process towards this new stage of your body. And the ads on TV or advertising in stores and supermarket shelves induce you to buy certain products to deal with monthly bleeding. It seems that we are very well informed.