Our certifications

Let us explain about the agencies and organisms that certify our products. In each of them, you can distinguish the seal that verifies their ecological, ethical and environmental condition.


certificado ICEA


ICEA is one of the most relevant certification bodies of eco-bio productions in Europe. It certifies all kinds of products and services, including cosmetics, textiles, and detergents, as well as feminine hygiene. It also cares about the confusing labeling and prevents to occur misleading advertising on labels.

General characteristics of the products certified by ICEA:

    • They are safe and natural products without chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals or the environment.
    • They are subject to strict controls, both their ingredients and the whole process to the final product.
    • They are subjected to precise dermatological and microbiological tests, to ensure pure and dermo-compatible ingredients, more suitable for sensitive and allergic skins.
    • They use environmentally friendly bottles and packaging.

The ICEA Eco Bio Cosmetics are characterized by:

          • The use of organic herbal ingredients.
          • The absence of environmentally objectionable materials, so as in the packaging of products.
          • The absence of non-herbal ingredients that are considered potentially harmful in terms of allergens, irritants, or those with evidence of damage to human health.
          • They use raw materials with low toxicity, low environmental impact, and dermo compatibility guarantees.
          • They reduce the environmental impact due to unnecessary or non-recyclable packaging.

The ICEA Eco Detergents are characterized by:

          • The absence of environmentally hazardous materials, both in the product and in the packaging materials.
          • The absence of nonherbal ingredients considered "risky," i.e., allergens, irritants, or those considered harmful to human health and the environment.
          • Renewable and recyclable packaging with raw materials, or linked to a system of empty containers return.
          • They guarantee great performance and efficiency, equal to other high-quality conventional detergents.



GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

certificado GOTS


GOTS is a set of concrete and voluntary standards that certify the process in the production chain (spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc.) of organic materials and textiles, such as cotton or wool, for clothing and household. It provides environmental regulations such as banning the use of genetic alteration or hazardous chemicals, and the proper management of wastewater. GOTS also ensures social issues condemning the use of child labour, while encouraging the inclusion of requirements concerning decent wages for workers.