About us - Gu Planet

GU (Green Umbrella) is the fruit of the efforts and commitment of a group of entrepreneurs linked to the organic sector - and parents at the same time! -, set out to offer the best selection of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products for the whole family at reasonable prices.

The idea arose from the observation that there was much confusion about what it was or was not environmentally friendly, natural and/or organic. As consumers, and parents, we want the best for our children and our family. However, we had many doubts:

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What substances are dangerous for our babies? Why certain creams irritate our skin? How can I help to preserve the environment? Furthermore, the quality of some products is often not verified or certified and prices in most cases are exorbitant. The goal, therefore, was to find the best choice of green purchasing option for consumers.


Thus, it was born GU: a transparent, honest, healthy and environmentally friendly option; an umbrella that protects your health and your entire family with non-toxic products at affordable prices.

To achieve this, the project GU is based on three fundamental pillars:

Healthy and Effective Products:

A rigorous selection of organic products, quality, and effectiveness, that respect our health and the environment, made from natural and proven ingredients. Products that bring a health benefit to consumers and the environment and which are free of toxic and harmful elements.

Transparency and Ethics:

We explain you honestly the composition of each product, and we can guarantee you that our production process follows the criteria of fair trade (no gender discrimination, no child exploitation and optimum working conditions).

Without intermediaries:

Make your convenient online purchase and we will send the products directly to your home. GU products are not in traditional stores or supermarkets. As there are few intermediaries, this fact allows us to offer more competitive prices. From the factory to your home!

The combination of these factors allows us to have a real new vision of green trade: fairer, more accessible and more responsible for our environment. Our commitment is to satisfy this generation of consumers that is growing daily, and who aim to revolutionize the smart consumption of organic products.

Welcome to GU (Green Umbrella) and thanks for being part of the 'smart eco' community!